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Download Blender for Windows, Mac, and Linux.It is a free and open-source 3D animation suite. It supports all of the 3D pipeline—modeling, animation, rigging, rendering, simulation, compositing, and motion tracking, even game creation, and video editing.

Installer For Windows

Download Blender Installer 2.83.1 for Windows 7, 8, and above version. Size 135 MB. It was released June 25, 2020.

Installer For MacOS

Download Latest Updated Blender 2.83.1 for Mac OS X 10.6 and above. File Size 194 MB. With over 1250 bugfixes.

Installer For Linux

Download Blender Version 2.83.1 Linux for your architecture and uncompressed the file to the desired location.

Download Source Code

Title: Blender 2.83.1
Language: English
Available Languages: English,French,Polish,Chinese,Italian,Japanese,German,Spanish
License: Free
Date Added: 25 June 2020
Author: Blender Foundation

What’s New!

Blender 2.83 is the first long term release. It is covering over 1250 bugfixes and further significant fixes. Blender 2.83 LTS renders the performance and durability required for major projects. New updated features are introduced as follows: OpenVDB import, OptiX viewport denoising, VR assistance, and a powerful new physics-enabled Cloth Brush.

  • Now you are able to import OpenVDB files and rendered with the new Volume object. Files may be produced by Blender’s fluid simulation cache or even other software such as Houdini.
  • It is Powered by OpenXR, Blender now you are able to create ships with the first milestone in VR support: scene inspection. Walk throughout your scenes in virtual reality straight within Blender!
  • Physics simulation supporting your brush. Sculpt realistic wrinkles with the latest Cloth Brush. It is a built-in physics solver that automatically creates natural-looking folds.
  • You can now preview your rendered scene at full visual fidelity, without noise.

Previous Versions

Blender 2.82

Blender’s simulations got a significant boost with a brand new physically-based gas/liquid simulation system using Mantaflow and improvements in cloth physics.

Features Updated:

  • Mantaflow System
  • FLIP Solver
  • Improved Cloth Simulation
  • AI Accelerated Denoiser
  • UDIM
  • Grease Pencil
  • New Sculpting Tools

Blender 2.81

In this version, most notable are the sculpting tools overhaul, support for NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in Cycles, a better outliner, Intel Open Image denoising, a new file browser, and a new file browser much more.

Updated Features

  • New Cursor & Brush Settings: Auto Masking, World Spacing, Grab Active Vertex, Normal Radius
  • Masking: Mask Filter, Dirty Mask Generator, Mask Expand, Mask Extract
  • New Tools updated: Pose Brush, Elastic Deform Brush, Translate, Rotate, Scale, Draw Sharp Brush, Mesh Filter Tool.
  • Remeshing: OpenVDB Voxel, QuadriFlow
  • Improvements in Cycles & EEVEE: Volume Info, Vertex Color, Map Range, White Noise, Clamp, Math & Vector Math, Mapping, (Voronoi, Musgrave & Noise)
  • Transform & Snapping: Transform Origin, Snapping, Transform Parent, Mirror Any Axis, Anywhere.
  • The viewport and workbench Improvement: Local Collections, Specular Control on Metcaps, Mesh Analysis, Image Object, HDRI strength control, Rendered Shading. 

Blender 2.80

Blender 2.80 features improved with a user interface that establishes the focus on the artwork that you design. A new dark theme and modern icon set were included. Mouse, Keyboard, and tablet synergy got a refresh with left click select as the new default. Quick Favorites menus render rapid access to often-used tools.

Updated Features

  • New Interactive Tool & GIMOZ: Intuitive Widgets, Toolbars: The new contextual toolbars enable you to access quickly.
  • Real-Time: Eevee is a new physically-based real-time renderer. Features such as screen-space reflections, volumetrics, and subsurface scattering, refractions, depth of field, soft and contact shadows, camera motion blur, and bloom.
  • 2-D Animation: Grease Pencil now comes with a full 2D drawing and animation system.
  • Cycles: Principled Hair BSDF, Cryptomatte, Random Walk Subsurface Scattering, Subdivision, and Displacement.